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FCWL Hall of Fame: Vision Statement:


In 2006, Fresno County Women Lawyers dedicated an area on the sixth floor of the Fresno County Superior Courthouse for the Women’s Hall of Fame. The vision for this display honoring women of our community is simple and came about in 1998. A local woman attorney noticed that many members of our community failed to remember that until recently, there were no women in the California State Senate or sitting on the Fresno County bench. The San Joaquin River Parkway that we now enjoy exists only because of the tremendous efforts of women in Fresno County. It was decided that it was time to recognize the women who have made important contributions to the betterment of our community and who paved the way for future women leaders. The purpose of the Women’s Hall of Fame is to educate the public about the good works and leadership of these important women.


The Fresno County Courthouse was selected as the perfect venue to recognize these women’s accomplishments.  Many people visit the Courthouse daily, whether as jurors, litigants, employees, or participants in the mock trial program for county high school students.  The Courthouse has an impact not only within the legal community, but as a place, where issues important to our community are decided.   The next step, then, was selecting an area within the courthouse to exhibit the hall of fame, consisting of a combination of biographical information and artistic representations.

The attorney who envisioned the Women’s Hall of Fame put her vision into action by reaching out to a number of community groups. Thus, the project and creation of the displays became a collaborative process, taking the combined efforts of several women-based groups. The Women’s Hall of Fame honors women who have made a significant contribution in Fresno County in one or more of the following areas: Agriculture, Athletics, Art, Business, Culture, Charity, Education, Entertainment, Environment, Law, Medicine, and Politics. A local graphic artist designed the logo and a local metal artist created a metal sculpture of the logo for the Fresno County Women Lawyers Women’s Hall of Fame. The border of two torches with flames symbolizes eternal honor, the olive branches represent caring and hope, and the connecting ribbon reflects the relationship between all humanity. The Latin phrase, ”Possunt quia posse videntur,” means “they can because they think they can” — in other words, it expresses the power of positive thinking.

Thanks to the efforts of all the participants, the Fresno County Women Lawyers “Women’s Hall of Fame” has become a reality. We hope it will be an on-going project. Fresno County Women Lawyers is honored to be associated with this important project.




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